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Retail consultancy

Retail consultancy

Retail consultancy Architectuur Studio Wezenberg has proven itself through the years to be a trustworthy partner to international retailers who need a guide to help them through the maze of Dutch building regulations. Famous brands such as Zara have done business with Guido Wezenberg with great success. Wezenberg: “A line of work that just happened because of an Austrian architect (FOAF Architects and Engineers from Vienna) who has a portfolio that includes international retailers of which one was also a client of ours. Considering our small studio has four people, including me, I’m extremely happy with all the international contacts that we gained through the years. Our expertise is broad, helping retailers with getting the necessary building permits, making sure a design follows fire safety standards and maintaining contact with local authorities and landlords. You’ll have to deal with them if a retailer wants to erect a new store inside a monumental building.”

The famous Spanish fashion chain Zara reached out to Wezenberg on several occasions, with their store in the Dutch city of Den Bosch as a prime example how the architect had to deal with local authorities: “Zara wanted to create a store in three buildings of which one was assigned monumental status, meaning I had to present a Spanish design for the storefront to the monument committee, speaking on behalf of Zara and translating their
demands, suggestions and the overall feel that Zara wanted to achieve. We came to a mutual understanding and worked together with the committee to fit in the new design in a historical city and find bricks that suited the building, keeping its monumental status while housing the fashion chain’s new store.
Architectuur Studio Wezenberg find this type of project fun and rewarding work. They know how important a deadline is for such retailers and with their in-house knowledge on Dutch building regulations, they are able to respond in a short amount of time, meaning making those deadlines should prove to be no problem at all.

The following projects from Inditex have been managed by our office, on behalf of FOAF architects & engineers (Vienna):

  • ZARA Kalverstraat Amsterdam
  • Bershka Kalverstraat Amsterdam
  • Bershka Nieuwendijk Amsterdam
  • ZARA Nieuwendijk Amsterdam
  • Stradivarius Nieuwendijk Amsterdam
  • ZARA Den Bosch
  • ZARA Zaandam
  • ZARA Leeuwarden
  • ZARA Eindhoven
  • ZARA Lijnbaan Rotterdam
  • Bershka Eindhoven
  • Pull&Bear Kalverstraat Amsterdam
  • ZARA Home Zwolle
  • ZARA Zwolle
  • Pull&Bear Groningen
  • Massimo Dutti Haarlem
  • Massimo Dutti Den Bosch
  • ZARA Arnhem


Photo ZARA Den Bosch: Roos Aldershoff Fotografie


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